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Is your .45 an ex-Cuban?

 Is your .45 an ex-Cuban?
17th May 2007, 12:31
A spy tale from the Wall Street Journal - read the bold parts. Makes you wonder, considering the dealer paid about $63 per pistol...

Secret Police Past

Doesn't Cramp
Style of Stasi Agent
His Resort Outside Berlin
Plays Host to G8 Ministers;
The Files on Axel Hilpert
May 17, 2007; Page A1

BERLIN -- Gordon Brown, the next prime minister of Britain, a deputy secretary of the U.S. Treasury and other grandees of global finance will convene here tomorrow at a lakeside luxury resort featuring American-style clapboard villas, rose-petal baths and tai chi classes.

Their unusual host: a longtime agent of the former East Germany's feared secret police, the Stasi.

Axel Hilpert, the resort's co-owner, rented it to the German government for the meeting of ministers from the Group of Eight leading industrialized economies. Long before the 59-year-old became a successful and well-connected property developer, Mr. Hilpert was an undercover agent, code name "Monika," decorated by both the German Democratic Republic and Fidel Castro's Cuba.


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Abstracts of Documents:The cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of People's Republic of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic Cuba /Bulgarian Intelligence & Security Services in the Cold War

Cold War Research Group-Bulgaria
Coordinator: Dr. Jordan Baev
e-mail: baevj@mail.orbitel.bg

  Research Blog by Jorge L. García Vázquez: "The Havana-Berlin Connection

                                                                                                                              CC BCP

Secretariat Secret Resolution re: Training Cuban security officers in Bulgaria, 8 June 1966 [Source: CDA, Fond 1-B, Opis 64, File 352] RESOLUTION "B" No 8 Of The Secretariat of The Central Committee of The Bulgarian Communist Party from June 8th 1966. The CC BCP Secretariat approves the proposal Comrade Pineiro to visit our country. We can accept 30 people for training only on counterintelligence work. We have no conditions to train people on sabotage.1 Top Secret [Translated by Kalina Bratanova] 1 Handwritten resolution by Todor Zhivkov, First Secretary CC BCP and Prime Minister of PR of Bulgaria .

 TO THE SECRETARY OF THE CC BCP COMRADE LUCHEZAR AVRAMOV Comrade Avramov, At a meeting with Comandante Sergio Del Valle – Politburo member of the Cuban Communist Party, captain Osmani Cienfuegos – head of the Foreign Affairs Commission at the CC of the CCP and Secretary General of the Tricontinental Committee and Comandante Manuel Pineiro - member of the CC of the CCP and head of the State Security service, before my departure from Havana on May 21st there was a demand for accepting 30 Cuban comrades for training in sabotage and contra revolutionary activity. They consider the training period to be about a year and the training itself should be at our expense. They expect to receive an to our country to coordinate the details. I answered I would report the issue to the respective people and they would be informed aanswer in principle not later than June 5th or 6th this year. They can send Comandante Pineiro bout the result. I would like to ask you for your instructions. June 4th 1966 Sofia [Gen. Angel Solakov, Chairman of the State Security Committee]  Ministry of the Interior. Sofia, Fond 1, Record 10a, File 561). 
"We have sent information to MVR-Cuba concerning a completed case, information and materials on the operational-investigating work, the organization, structure and activities of VAI - Ministry of Defense."(1). Trad. Greta Keremidchieva).   AMVR Fond 1 Record 12 File 43

Agreement for collaboration between Bulgarian and Cuban Ministries of the Interior, Source: AMVR, Fond 1, Record 10, File 1214]   
 /Bulgarian Intelligence and Security Services in the Cold War years Cold War Research Group-Bulgaria. Coordinator: Dr. Jordan Baev (2)Handbook of the Comunist Security Apparatus in East Central Europe Institute of National Remembrance, Warszawa, Poland /Bulgaria, Jordan Baev, Kostadin Grozev/
Top secret!
Only copy
For cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of People's Republic of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic Cuba
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the People’s republic of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Cuba […] agreed upon the following:
Article 1
Both countries will cooperate in the obtaining of political, economic and military information for the USA, Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Great Britain, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, China and Albania, NATO, the Vatican, Latin America, about the activities of the USA and NATO in the African countries, for other organizations and military pacts, as well as about the contradictions in and between them and will exchange information on the following issues:

- about the forms and the methods of the activities of the hostile intelligence services and the planned and fulfilled actions and operations implemented by them, about the activities of the Zionist centers, Maoism, emigrant and other reactionary organizations and sects, conducted against the People's Republic of Bulgaria, Republic Cuba and the other socialist countries, about the staff and the agents of these services, centers, units and organizations;
- about different companies, institutions and organizations used by the intelligence of the capitalist countries, which carry out subversive activities against the People's Republic of Bulgaria and Republic Cuba, about the activities of the military attaches and the intelligence agents working from legal positions, about provocative actions against the citizens of against the People's Republic of Bulgaria and Republic Cuba; about data and materials, obtained by .....Translated by Yulia Cherneva]

 Research Blog by Jorge L. García Vázquez: "The Havana-Berlin Connection: State Secrets and Notes on the Collaboration between the Stasi and MININT "                                                                                                                           www.stasi-minint.blogspot.com/ http://www.miscelaneasdecuba.net/media/Pdf1/CartadeRC.pdf