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The training ofCuban intelligence and counterintelligence officers in the techniques of theEast German “counterintelligence state:

"It is well known and documented that Soviet and East European com-munist intelligence services played key roles in training guerrilla cadres ofall types, including those engaged in insurgent intelligence and CI work.These complex, multifaceted support efforts—carried out clandestinely ininsurgent host countries and in the USSR, Eastern Europe, and third coun-try camps and facilities as well—trained several generations of insurgentsand terrorists in pertinent skills including those of intelligence and coun-terintelligence. This history is too extensive to be addressed here but needsto be considered as a backdrop in more focused assessments of currentapproaches. One example is worth noting, however, since it contributed somuch to guerrilla approaches in a region of the world. The example is the role of the East German Ministry for State Security(Ministerium fur Staatssicherheit—MfR), more commonly known as theStasi. Stasi training and support efforts covered a number of areas of theworld. Its influence, however, was particularly strong in Cuba, where theCuban Ministry of the Interior (MINIT) was charged with a broad spectrumof internal and external security functions and became in many respectsa close Stasi analog. The nature of the close relationship had been assertedand partially documented for years in Western assessments. The training ofCuban intelligence and counterintelligence officers in the techniques of theEast German “counterintelligence state” was evident in many ways. The demise of the German Democratic Republic in 1990 and conse-quent access to Stasi files confirmed and expanded the understanding ofthe relationship. Regarding guerrilla CI, this relationship is important because Cubantrainers played substantial roles in passing on their knowledge to LatinAmerican and other insurgent groups. Cuban researcher Jorge Luís Vázquez, 33 ..." http://www.slideshare.net/CIARO/jsou-guerrilla-counterintelligence

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