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Then, in July 2008, Dr. Joel F. Brenner, Director of the U.S. Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive (an element of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence) said: "The Russians and the Chinese remain big problems for us. The Cubans are a problem for us and the Iranians are a big problem for us... and the Cubans have a very accomplished set of intel services and they are something we have to watch

OPED: Forgotten Cuba? Is Washington Playing Word Games in Latest Espionage Estimate?

 By Chris Simmons

A key example of Havana’s success in economic espionage is the case of Guillermo “Bill” Gaede, In the 1980s, Cuba recruited Gaede to steal information on computer software and provide it to case officers in Mexico. Havana, in turn, passed the information to the USSR and East Germany until the end of the Cold War. Gaede, an Argentine communist and software engineer, worked for Advanced Micro Devices, Incorporated in Sunnyvale, California from 1979-1993. He provided Cuba with AMD specs, designs, “Blue Books,” masks, wafers, and small measuring devices.
Experts said Russia, with whom Cuba shared its stolen information, possibly narrowed the US technology lead by exploiting the chip designs and manufacturing techniques, which AMD spent millions of dollars to develop. Experts opined that Gaede’s damage was limited, as the technology used in the semiconductor industry advances so quickly that designs and manufacturing techniques quickly become outdated. However, the damage control provided by the experts failed to address the true effect of systematic and long-term economic espionage.
Gaede later claimed his initial motivation was his belief in communism, but this motivation waned after he repeatedly traveled to Cuba and became disillusioned. He left AMD in 1993 because of mistaken fears that the company would soon detect his misconduct. The technology giant Intel then hired him and greed became his motivator. He filmed the entire process used to make the Pentium chip, down to the smallest technical detail. He subsequently sold the information to China and Iran, which paid him handsomely. The secrets stolen from ADM and Intel ultimately earned Gaede the nickname, the “The Billion Dollar Spy.” He was arrested in late 1995.

La Tecnología de los Otros. Espionaje industrial STASI MININT
Jorge L. García Vázquez

"En cuanto a la información de la AMD, en esta ocasión le hacemos una entrega voluminosa que comprende 2,526 documentos con total de 62,618 páginas. Los especialistas cubanos afirman que estos materiales tienen un gran valor para un país que, como el suyo, tenga un fuerte desarrollo de la industria microelectrónica.Los documentos que le remito contienen las descripciones tecnológicas completas de varios procesos muy modernos que ha creado esta firma norteamericana...”
Las informaciones entregadas contenían detalladamente las descripciones tecnológicas de los procesos creados por AMD, entre ellos el IMOX, desarrollado para producir circuitos integrados bipolares de alta velocidad de operación, el proceso HV-4, utilizado en la producción de dispositivos de alto voltaje, que se usan en la técnica telefónica  y el SLIC, un dispositivo necesario en la técnica telefónica digital.
Agregaba además  1,426 cartas tecnológicas que describen los procesos de fabricación de circuitos integrados de la AMD..

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